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    Bhagwati Pangati

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  • 40 Batches So far

    600 Successful Students

    75 Success Rate

About Us

Sanjivani is not only a mere organization of IAS Haldwani but also a golden opportunity for all the students, who have the aim of getting public services and taking themselves to a higher level in the society. The study is not necessary for achieving goals only. Everyone is doing hard work. In this connection, the statement becomes relevant: "There is no progress in direction only by looking at the direction of direction". The hard goal of public service can be achieved by the same person, who, along with hard work, prepare the vast curriculum of these exams in a mysterious and comparative way, as well as connect them with the current events. This is a very complex and difficult task, which is not impossible at home and in a fixed time period, but not less than that. For this modern technology of teaching has a great need for special tactics and scientific systems. The institution is popular among the students for this work. Our tactics only feed us on the expectations of all. For example, in the institute, from time to time eminent figures, selected students are guided by the experts in this field, so that students can be aware of practical challenges.Similarly, in these examinations, Group Discussion is also a major place in which the institute has been providing its contribution to the students so that the skills of expression in the students develop. It is a well-known scientific fact that our power of listening to memory is better than the power of listening. We also believe this. Therefore, all classes of the institute are recorded in HD FORMAT and these classes are available for the students every moment.

Scientific topics can not be understood only through lectures. So these subjects are taught through computer. Geographical and political maps related to the country, territories have been depicted in the institute. These maps are given special emphasis by experienced teachers. We will all agree with the fact that education teaches us to be bowed down and humble. The aim of the institute is to give valuable education so that we can make spiritual progress along with physical advancement.It is a special part of the institution's daily routine to give information about motivating individuals who have achieved great achievement through hard work too. Classes have been reconstituted in the form of full conditioned classes (AC CLASSES) by the Institute so that the quiet environment proves useful for the students.

You can also estimate the quality of the Institute by the fact that the entire course of the institute has been done by the Institute itself which makes it unique. This is not the result of cut, copy, paste from the book. This excellent course is easily accessible to you at the institute. The new information related to the institute is available at every moment of the institute's web site.

Best Education

We believe that effective guidance is the primary need of every student, which would create motivation and instill courage and confidence to face all challenges. And that is exactly what Reliant Academy imparts in all its coaching programs.

Best System

We strive to perfect the art of Blending learning, that seamlessly integrates the advantages of traditional teacher/instructor directed learning with technology based material and assessment to deliver flexible learning options for today’s learners.

Genuine Result

Ever since its inception, every year students are securing top ranks in various competitive examinations, which speak volumes about Reliant Academy’s commitment to excellence and perfection in imparting quality education.

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40 Batches So far
600 Successful Students
75 Success Rate