About Us

Director's Message

Sanjivani IAS Institute was established in the year 2013. Since its establishment, the institute has remained a popular institution of Haldwani. On the basis of its quality, it has fully lived. Increasing numbers of students from the institute's intensity are a direct proof of its efficient and quality learning style. This is the real introduction to the institute. The special strategy and efficient system of the institute makes it a leader in every field from other institutions.

We believe that teachers play an important role in guiding the test. Therefore, the selection of highly experienced teachers in this field has been done in the institute. Their skilled teachers system makes this vast curriculum extremely understandable and understandable. This teacher is the pillar of foundation of the institute. By using the modern style of education as well as the use of modern psychological systems, education makes it unique.

We believe that already printed notes are actually books which are in complex and incomplete forms. After making the entire course of examination of the Public Service Commission examinations in the classroom in simple form, the students themselves have been our main focus. While receiving an important achievement in this direction, the institute has printed its own books which is only available to students of the institute.

Prashant Odh Sir

Our Mission

Sanjivani IAS stays in front of the success curve by knowing what drives success in the competitive exam, combining theory practice and time management. we assure that, it will be our Endeavour to provide you all the opportunities and facilities of learning to groom you to become self confident in realizing you future goals.

Our Vision

At Sanjivani IAS,we strive to prepare you for leadership in this ever changing competitive world by maintaining the highest standards for the faculty & staff ,our goal is to make maximum output in minimum time from your hard work.

40 Batches So far
600 Successful Students
75 Success Rate